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 There are some things in life you wished you never noticed, like your first grey hair that decided to show up without warning or the scratches on mum’s car when you lazily reversed out the driveway. Simply put, sometimes ignorance is bliss … But here at ProofPal we can assure you that the details of your cherished work are never ignored – from grammar accuracy to sentence structure to overall consistency. Our fanatical love of accuracy and proofreading is here to help you and your amazing work!


Study life can be stressful when you’ve got tight deadlines and your juggling a part time job. So it’s crucial that your work isn’t penalised for avoidable grammatical errors. Our academic proofreading will give your work that polish it deserves!

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There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time and money on a project to have a spelling mistake compromise your hard work. Our commercial proofreading will give your work that polish and professionalism required!

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A book full of plot twists and characters you fall in love with captures the imagination. But when sentence structure and grammatical errors pop-up the reader begins to loose interest. Our book proofreading will give your work that extra 10 percent for a polished read!

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Proofpal is a proud member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders and supporter of Barnados.


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