CV Writing Tips: How to Leave a Lasting First Impression

CV writing tips

04 Sep CV Writing Tips: How to Leave a Lasting First Impression

It’s easy to stand out from the crowd of candidates: construct a CV with a simple and elegant design and layout, write to the best of your god given ability and ensure the document is grammatically tight.

Yes that’s right folks – despite having your name designed as a personal logo gleaming with creativity – it’s those silly and avoidable spelling errors that compel employers to throw your CV away at first glance.

Indeed, if you follow up your application with an email that is tainted with semi colons where a simple comma would suffice – simply hide your face and weep!

All cheekiness aside, I once met a graduate who was shortlisted and eventually offered a job in a lucrative position. He attended the interview and was informed that he made the cut in part because he was one of the only candidates who could write a coherent and grammatically correct email. It was as basic as that.

There is nothing more disconcerting for an employer than to see a CV where ‘eye for detail’ is highlighted as one of the key skills and then in the next breath under interests: “cooking cats and interesting people”.

And trust me it could even be as simple as a double spacing or using an americanised ‘z’ rather than our beloved British ‘s’. For sure, the devil is in the detail.

With that said here are some valuable CV writing tips:

  1. Never rely on spellcheckers
  2. Keep it in the first person
  3. Get your tenses right
  4. Use the singular for individual organisations
  5. Get your apostrophes right
  6. Don’t over-use capital letters
  7. Explain your abbreviations
  8. Avoid semi-colons at all costs 😉

You never get a second chance to leave a good first impression when applying for a job. Whether it’s a phone call, email or CV application – your first communication is what could make or break your chances so you’ve got to get it right.

If in doubt, get the team at Proofpal to quickly read over your CV to ensure you have the best fighting chance.

Good luck!

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