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Sometimes, the most courageous acts aren't loud and sensational. Bravery can simply be following through with what you think is right, even if it is

hard to do.

After the breakdown of her marriage, Grace is just starting to find her feet again. She has moved into a beautiful cottage, and she is beginning to enjoy her new-found independence. However, her world is soon turned upside down by a shocking discovery that makes her feel as though she only has one option: she has to run. In doing so, she is reminded that fleeing doesn't make her weak. In fact, she proves to herself that she is stronger than she ever imagined.

Max is struggling to settle in the land that he now calls home. He turns to his new friend, Alistair, for support and is offered a job that opens his eyes to secrets that have been buried for centuries. When the safety of his new home is threatened, Max must work quickly to harness the information he has found so that he can protect those he loves. But he starts to wonder -- does Alistair have his own hidden agenda?