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If you had to walk away from all that you had ever known in order to fight for what you truly believed in, would you do it?

Despite the fact that his life will never be the same again, Max travels to a classified location, in the hope that he can end the exploitation of the lower-class citizens--the Ambers. He is forced to face haunting memories from his past as he ventures into the unknown. The injustice and heartbreak that he was subjected to as a child caused a level of determination that most cannot comprehend. But will he succeed in his selfless mission, or is he simply throwing his life away?

Grace finally confronts the fact that she is trapped in an unhappy marriage, with no apparent escape. Her husband is instrumental in the way in which society is orchestrated, and she begins to feel guilty by association. So when her life becomes entwined with Max's, and she sees his noble attempts to better the world, she joins the fight to overthrow the barbaric system that has ruled for far too long.